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Individualne vožnje: Beograd – Beč

January 15, 2018 Comments Off

Sa preko 14 miliona posetilaca godišnje, Beč predstavlja veoma popularnu destinaciju za turiste širom sveta, i to sa veoma dobrim razlogom.

Individualne vožnje: Beograd – Kopaonik

January 14, 2018 Comments Off

Pored toga što predstavlja najveći planinski masiv u Srbiji, Kopaonik takođe poseduje neke od najlepših krajolika naše zemlje, stoga hoteli i odmarališta na ovoj prelepoj planini svake godine prime više stotina hiljada posetilaca.

Individualne vožnje: Beograd – Bratislava

January 12, 2018 Comments Off

Do Bratislave možete stići brzo, lako i udobno uz firmu Royal Transfers koja nudi kombi prevoz u jednom ili u oba pravca. Royal Transfers u ponudi ima i prevoz luksuznim automobilima, garantujući siguran i bezbedan prevoz do ove destinacije.

Airport Shuttle Belgrade Nikola Tesla

January 3, 2018 Comments Off

U slučaju da planirate let koji poleće sa ovog aerodroma, firma Royal Transfers vam nudi prevoz putnika do aerodroma bezbedno, brzo i lako u komforu prevoza koji obezbeđuje Royal Transfers.

Individualne vožnje: Beograd – Zlatibor

January 2, 2018 Comments Off

Kako biste bili u mogućnosti da posetite prirodne lepote i turističke atrakcije Zlatibora, morate i doputovati do tamo, te vam firma Royal Transfers nudi komforan, udoban i bezbedan prevoz putnika do Zlatibora u oba ili u jednom pravcu.

Individualne vožnje: Beograd – Budimpešta

January 1, 2018 Comments Off

U slučaju da planirate da posetite Budimpeštu, firma Royal Transfers nudi uslugu prevoza putnika kombijem do vaše destinacije u oba ili jednom pravcu kao i mogućnost izbora prevoza luksuznim automobilima.

Individualne vožnje: Beograd – Zagreb

January 1, 2018 Comments Off

Bilo da planirate put do Zagreba poslom ili zadovoljstvom, firma Royal Transfers vam može omogućiti da do Zagreba dođete bezbedno i brzo.

Individualne vožnje: Beograd – Sofija

February 1, 2017 Comments Off

Ako se pitate kako najlakše i najbrže stići do Sofije, odgovor vam može dati firma Royal Transfers koja nudi svakodnevni kombi prevoz u oba ili u jednom pravcu, kao i automobilom.

Airport shuttle and passenger transport with luxury cars and vans on the entire territory of Serbia and Europe.

Current offer

Royal Transfers

As a company whose primary activity is the transportation of passengers, our goal is to ensure that our clients arrive timely and safely to the desired destination.

Simple online reservation

Order your ride online. By simply filling out the form you will get the price of your ride without any hidden costs.

Only top drivers

Royal Transfers drivers are professionals with many years of experience who will provide you with all the information in English, as needed.

A safe and comfortable journey

For a safe journey with style. All of our vehicles are new, modern and very comfortable. All the vehicles have built-in climate and Wi-Fi.

Airport shuttle

Airport shuttle means that we arrive to the desired address and transport the passenger, fast and directly, to the airport of choice, Belgrade or Niš.

About us

Royal Transfers is a company specialized in transportation services with luxury cars. We were founded in 2012. During our existence, we have cooperated with many companies from different countries (UK, USA, Brazil, France, Germany, Switzerland, Russia etc.).
We often work with state institutions under police escort.

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Our vehicles

Royal Transfers offers luxury vehicles with state-of-the-art equipment, so that customers may have a driving experience as comfortable as possible. All the vehicles have built-in climate and Wi-Fi.
Our vehicles are under full Casco warranty, which includes the insurance of passengers.

From 60€

Mercedes S Class (2016)

  • 3 passanger capacity
  • 2 bag capacity
From 40€

Mercedes S Class (2011)

  • 3 putnika
  • 2 komada prtljaga
From 20€

Mercedes E212

  • 3 passanger capacity
  • 2 bag capacity
From 30€

Mercedes E213

  • 3 putnika
  • 3 komada prtljaga
From 18€

Mercedes C Class

  • 3 putnika
  • 3 komada prtljaga
From 65€

Mercedes Sprinter

  • 20 putnika
  • 7 komada prtljaga
From 35€

Mercedes Vito

  • 7 putnika
  • 5 komada prtljaga

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Call us at +381 (060) 444 8905 or send Email to office@royaltransfers.rs

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Our satisfied customers

We have used the services of the company Royal Transfers many times. The drivers are friendly and pick you up as agreed. I would recommend them without hesitation to all of my colleagues.

Dušan Krstić (R Band) - Mercedes Vito

All my compliments to the team of Royal Transfers. I write this because I have used van transportation services for years, in order to arrive to the airport, when traveling abroad, and I never had such a pleasant trip with a driver, who has plenty of understanding and knowledge.

Snežana Vukić - Mercedes E213 (Beograd - Zlatibor)