Mercedes E Class

The new E class is sophisticated and “classical”, but it has a sporty touch. Distance Pilot Distronic is able not only to automatically maintain the proper distance from the vehicle in front, but, for the first time, it can also monitor the traffic in front of the car. While braking, the active assistance focuses on both, surrounding vehicles and pedestrians. In addition to that, it can also detect traffic, crossing the path of the vehicle, and if the driver fails to react, the system will autonomously activate the brakes. For the first time, it is possible to detect risky situations behind the vehicle, as well as traffic congestions, where there is no room for maneuver, which will also result in preventive braking.

The new Mercedes-Benz E class is a true automotive jewel. The Stuttgart brand has incorporated its best and most advanced features into its new sedan. Without any dilemma, the new E class sets standards.

Number of seats: 3 Number of luggage places: 3
Waiting rate per hour: 6€