Mercedes S Class

There are three engineering priorities, when it comes to the S class. They are: “Intelligent Drive”, “Efficient Technology” and “Essence of Luxury”. In many ways, the new leader of the F-segment sets new standards, especially for advanced technologies.

The perfection of details has led to the “Essence of Luxury”, while the interior design is, of course, the strong side of Mercedes. Everything is perfect, from the seats, air conditioning and control boards up to the design, info-entertainment systems and safety. Achieving such a level of quality was not easy at all and, for that reason, we hold Mercedes and its engineers in high esteem.

The interior design of the new S-Class has a clear and pronounced character, with a fluid and elegant style that predominates in the cabin. The horizontal elements and lines create a transparent ambience that inspires self-confidence. High quality and elegance, in harmony with simplicity, functionality and superb comfort, transform any ride with S class vehicles into a special event.

It is superfluous to say that only top-quality materials were used in their construction. The exclusivity of the interior is the result of the selected colors, as well as of the impression that everything comes from a single mold. Large quantities of wood were used, especially on the instrument panel and the central console. The metallic surfaces of control devices, colored with “bead” effect paint, come in three shades, in order to emphasize the outstanding quality in the right way.

Number of seats: 3 Number of luggage places: 4
Waiting rate per hour: 9€